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Wills & Trusts

So you have spent the first part of your life building your financial security and amassing propery that will one day become your legacy. Keep this noble work going by creating or updating you will. Often wills are simple to prepare and can be modified easily with a codicil. Other times, based upon your wishes, they can be more complex and require skill in their drafting. The only way to tell is to consult an attorney. The self help packets found in book stores and office supply super centers cannot give you legal advice and no pre-prepared form can cover all of the needs of every client. Don't leave your legacy to an automated web site or form packet, hire a lawyer you can trust to help you determine what the best was is to accomplish your wishes.


Attorney Mark Nichols handles estate planning for persons in Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding areas. If you are planning for your future and want to know how a will figures into your future tax liability and estate concerns call The Law Office of Mark F. Nichols to see what your rights are and what Mark Nichols can do for you. Initial consultations are always free and you are under no obligation.


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