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The Attorney-Client Relationship Explained

The attorney client relationship is a special one. This relationship is called fiduciary in nature meaning that the lawyer cannot put his or her interests above those of the client's. Additionally, once this relationship is formed the concepts of privilege and confidentiality are solidified and the attorney is responsible to the client to zealously and competently represent them.


When does this relationship begin? With a phone call to the attorney's office? No. Howe about when you speak to a lawyer face to face about your case? No. The attorney-client relationship begins when the attorney and “client” agree to form such a relationship or the lawyer implies that they will be responsible for the “client's” case. This is a tricky concept because it is very subjective and usually judged from the client's perspective.


To protect yourself, you should never assume that you have formed this relationship unless one or more of the following criteria is met.


  • => You and the attorney have signed a fee agreement.
  • => The attorney has stated that he or she will represent you
  • => The attorney has begun work on your behalf


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