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Family Law

Nothing means more to you than your children or grandchildren. You care for them, raise them, and teach them to be good and productive citizens. Sometimes however, things seem to fall apart. Issues can arise due to divorce, involvement of children's services or even a death in the family. All of these situations can seem to arise from nowhere and effect good people. That is when you need to know your rights and protect yourself and your family.


You need an attorney that will address the issues that face you and attempt to anticipate what might come down the road before it takes you by surprise. You need to know what is in store for you and you need an advocate that will stand by you at every step of the process.


Attorney Mark Nichols handles Family Law matters in Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding areas. If you find yourself involved with children's services or the family courts, it is imperative that you understand your rights! Call The Law Office of Mark F. Nichols to see what your rights are and what Mark Nichols can do for you. Initial consultations are always free and you are under no obligation.


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